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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!




Mrs E Hughes - Deputy Head

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)  







Miss K Baskeyfield - SENCO                      










Ms J Bates - Family Wellbeing Advisor

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 







Nursery teacher - Mrs J Prosser 



Reception teacher - Mr R Hawkins                                          









Year 1 teacher  - Mrs N Cropper



Yr 2 teacher - Miss J Bergin 









      Yr 3 teacher - Miss Williams   




Yr 4 teacher - Mr Z McKenzie 









Yr 5 teacher -  Mr R Sharrock



Year 6 teacher - Miss C Higgins                                           










Lower Small Specialist Class (SSC) - Miss M Heckenberg                        



Upper Small Specialist Class (SSC) - 

Mrs R Brighouse/Miss K Baskeyfield






Mrs H McDonagh - Teaching Assistant









Mrs Y Green - Teaching Assistant                                     









Miss K Scott - Teaching Assistant









Miss J Pickersgill - Teaching Assistant








Mrs G Laker - Teaching Assistant









Mrs M El-Qasem - Teaching Assistant











Miss E Mason - Teaching Assistant









Mrs L Richardson - Teaching Assistant



Miss F Ahmed - Teaching Assistant










Mrs H Oliver - Specialist Teaching Assistant









Mrs P Moore - Specialist Teaching Assistant










Mrs J Unsworth  -Specialist Teaching Assistant 









Mrs L Scanlan - Office Manager









Mrs G Yarwood - Administrator










Mrs S Rogerson - Administrator









Miss M Pickard - Midday Assistant



Mrs Z Singh - Midday Assistant



Miss M Hamadi - Midday Assistant



Miss K Sanders - Midday Assistant



Mrs N Arif - Midday Assistant



Mrs T Munro - Midday Assistant



Mrs  S Arif - Midday Assistant



Mr L Booth - Site Manager