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What do I need to know?


The Staff in Nursery are:

Mrs Hughes

(Deputy Headteacher)

Miss Ahmed

Miss Pickersgill


We all love teaching in Nursery and are passionate about working together with parents.  Please speak to us if you have any questions, ideas or concerns.  We are always happy to help.

Our day

The timings for our days in Nursery are:

Morning 8:45am to 11:45am

​Lunch 11:45am to 12:15pm

Afternoon 12:15pm to 3:15pm

Special Days


Book Tuesday; Nursery is open from 8:30am on Tuesdays, for you to come and read together with your child before school.  There will be a different selection of books available each week, in our Storytelling area.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Wheelie Wednesday; children are invited to bring 'Wheels' from home on Wednesdays, to use during our Outdoor play. These might be scooters, balance bikes, wheel barrows and we even have a car!


Book and Breakfast: Every Thursday Parents are invited to Toast Club, to share a book with their child.  Toast club is from 8:30am in the main dining hall, and can be accessed through the Infant Playground. There will be books available, in the dining hall, for you to share. You can even have a piece of toast while you read!


Star of the Week; We choose two Stars of the Week (one for morning children and one for the afternoon) every Friday.  The children are presented with a special certificate, which outlines why they have been chosen, and are able to pick a prize from our reward box. 


Book Share Box:​ Every day there is a box of books available in the Nursery cloakroom.  Parents, and carers, can sign these out, to borrow and read at home with their child, for free.

Working Together / Homework


​We believe that parents, and carers, are an essential part of a child's learning.  We are proud to work together closely with our children's families and really value the contribution you make.


Scrapbooks: Every child has a Scrapbook to help record and share their learning from home.  This might be tickets, leaflets and photographs from special places visited, examples of drawings and writing done at home, or a message from a family member about something experienced together, for example cooking a meal or a child getting themselves dressed for school in the morning.


Children are invited to bring their Scrapbooks back to school, once they have recorded something in them. We will then share these, as a class, and celebrate the learning.  Staff will write a comment back and the books are returned home.  


Scrapbooks are shared as soon as possible, once they have been brought into school, but this may not be the same or next day, as it will depend how many children have brought their scrapbook back at the same time.  We recommend that children bring their Scrapbook in at least once a fortnight.


Reading Records: Children in Nursery don't take Reading Books home from school but they are encouraged to share their reading from home, with a Reading Record.  Parents, and carers, are asked to read with (and to) their child every day.  This is an essential part of every child's learning and helps them learn a love of reading for pleasure.  


When an adult has read with a child, they can write their name, and the title of the book, in the Reading Record.  They might also like to write a short comment, for example what the child thought of the book, anything the child said or enjoyed or found tricky.  Staff will check Reading Records every Friday at school.


For every 10 adult signatures in the book, the child will be given a 'Barton Clough Book Token'.  At the end of a half term the child can use these tokens to 'buy' books from the 'Barton Clough Book Shop'. Using a Reading Record in Nursery will also help your child to develop positive habits, ready for being in Reception.