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The Fib - Creative Writing

The Fib by George Layton


During the Second Autumn term and the First Spring term the children in Year 6 have focused their English lessons on a story by author George Layton. This story was called 'The Fib.'


The Fib is about a 10 year old boy living in 50's Britain, and the story is about how a young George grows and develops throughout his time at school and also in his relationships with his friends. This story in particular is about an incident at school where George tells his friends a lie - a fib. He thinks it is an innocent small fib, but there are consequences for his actions. 


We do not want to give too much away of the story, so please ask your child to re-tell you the story, we absolutely loved it so I am sure they will be able to confidently. Everyone in Year 6 loved this story, not only was it funny and related to our topic of Britain since the 1950's, but it also included two of Year 6's favourite things as a class - Football and Manchester United. 


During our English lessons the children wrote their own version of this story. They created their own characters, settings and situations but kept the same theme of the original story - telling a fib. The children spent a lot of time writing, editing, redrafting and then further editing their creative writing pieces. After weeks of changing and improving their story, their final finished versions are now up on the wall outside of the Year 6 classroom. 


Please come in after school to have a look at our display, the stories are brilliant and are definitely worth a read. 


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