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Summer Term Topic - the Great Outdoors

Class picnic

As part of our 'Great Outdoors' topic, Oak room had a class picnic, like Mole and Rat in 'The Wind in the Willows'.  We made sandwiches, packed a picnic basket and went outside to have our picnic in the 'Great Outdoors'.  We measured and compared the temperature inside and outside the classroom,  talked about the weather and described what having a picnic was like.

The children said that:

  • Our sandwiches are mouthwatering.
  • The sun makes me relax.
  • I like this because we got to sit together eating and drinking.
  • I really like this picnic because it's so yummy and eating in the fresh air is so much better for you.
  • The weather keeps changing which is nice.
  • This is the best day ever.
  • It's very peaceful.


At the end of our picnic, we tidied up.


We will use practical equipment and play fun maths games to help us name and identify properties of 2D and 3D Shapes, create patterns, measure time and measure the length, height, weight and mass of objects.  We will also solve calculations involving all four operations and we will use data graphs to record statistics.

Exploring and describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes

We have been comparing height and length using Maths vocabulary: longer than, shorter than, taller than, smaller than, wider than, narrower than, wider, bigger, longer, taller, smaller, smallest, tallest, longest, shortest, more than and less than.

We compared capacity by size and then we used the scales on the containers to measure and record the exact amounts of liquid. 

We measured the playground in strides first and then used a trundle wheel to measure in metres.  We then compared both measurements and discovered that strides was a good way to estimate length but it was not an accurate measure.

First, we explored fair exchange, using counters and Numicon.  We practised counting in 5's and 10's and combining 5's and 10's by counting in 10's then counting on in 5's.  Then we swapped counters for equivalent Numicon values. 

We then used what we had learned to count values of money using £5 and £10.


This term we will continue to develop our Phonics (letters and sounds) skills, spelling, handwriting, reading and comprehension skills and writing skills.  We will write our own animal stories, postcards and letters linked to our topic theme "The Great Outdoors".


We will work scientifically by sorting and classifying, comparing and describing: 'Living Things and their Habitats'.  We will also explore 'Life cycles' of different animals.


We will use electronic globes and maps such as Google Earth and Living Earth Apps.  We will also practise our word processing skills.


We will explore the weather and seasons and use maps and globes to explore the four countries and capital cities of the UK.

Art/Design Technology

We will explore a range of art techniques and create our own mini habitat Diorama Scenes.


We will be reading sacred stories and discussing the moral messages in these stories.


This term's theme is 'Relationships'.  Children will reflect on themselves as individuals and develop social communication skills that foster positive interactions and friendships.

Friendship Week

Friendship Week 1
Friendship Week 2
Friendship Week 3
Friendship Week 4
Friendship Week 5
Friendship Week 6
Friendship Week 7
Friendship Week 8

As part of Friendship Week, Oak class have been talking about the qualities that make a good friend and how to demonstrate those behaviours to be a good friend and role model.


As part of our activities this week, we made a range of different friendship bracelets.

Dogs Trust workshop

We took part in a workshop run by Dogs Trust.  We learned how to be safe around dogs and be responsible dog owners.


To find out more, visit:


PE is on Fridays with Mrs Brighouse.

We will be practising our skills of balance and coordination, challenging ourselves to climb and travel along the apparatus and we will learn new team games.



Please remember to read a little every day!