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Spring Term Topic - Circle of Life

This term, we will be learning about...


The Circle of Life


Geography and Science

  • We will be using Google Earth, world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries, as well as the countries, continents and oceans of our world
  • We will be identifying and naming common wild and garden plants.
  • We will be finding out about living things and their habitats.
  • We will be finding out about different animals and what they need to live and grow.

Creative and Expressive Arts - Design, Technology and Art

We are creating an enchanted habitats small world area in our classroom. 

This will be an on-going project throughout the term. 

Keep watching to see how our small world grow!



Our Enhanced Learning

Animal Hunter


We had a visit from the Animal Hunter! We had the chance to meet lots of different animals and minibeasts that live in the Rainforest habitats of our wonderful world, which was very exciting.

Handa's Surprise

I am a young girl.

I live in a hot country in a continent beginning with A.

I have a friend called Akeyo.

I have a selection of tropical fruits in my basket.

On my way to visit my friend I meet a variety of wild animals.

Who am I?


We located the seven continents and five oceans of our world.  We also researched different animals in our world and used our geographical knowledge to identify the continents that they live in. We then researched some African animals and used the information to write animal riddles.  You can see our riddles on our lovely Handa's Surprise display in the corridor outside the hall.





This term, we will be...


  • Learning about the place value of numbers to 100
  • Length and height
  • addition, subtraction
  • Solving real-life Maths problems


We practice Maths skills regularly using a range of practical and everyday Maths equipment so that we can can use numbers in lots of different ways.


Our favourite Online Maths Sites...



Using practical equipment to help us understand place value

5 / 10








This term, we will be...


  • covering a range of skills which will be linked to our topic theme                
  • covering a range of skills, including speaking and listening.
  • reading and writing alphabet letter names and letter sounds (phonics).
  • developing our reading and comprehension skills.
  • writing extended sentences.


Our favourite English Websites are...


Who is...

The King of the Tiny Things?

Where does the King of the Tiny Things live?

When would you see The King of the Tiny Things?

Why is there such a thing as The King of the Tiny Things?

What are Tiny Things?

Where would you find a Tiny Thing?

How would you know if you have met the King of the Tiny Things?


"Follow me, follow me, follow me!"


This term our core book is the enchanting tale

"The King of the Tiny Things"

by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward


We have made a small world for our King of Tiny Things.

We have been predicting what might happen next in the story.

6 / 9







This term, we will be...


  • learning how to use and control our bodies in different ways safely on the gymnastics equipment.
  • giving and listening to feedback from others to improve our work.


We have P.E. every week so it is very important that a P.E. kit is always in school. 


P.E. kit is: black shorts or leggings, white t-shirt and trainers or black pumps.



Religious Education

As part of our learning about special places, we went to visit All Saints Church.






Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEALs)


Our theme this term is: 

"Good to be me" 


This term we will be taking part in activities that will help us to...


  • reflect on ourselves as individuals
  • develop our social communication skills
  • develop positive interactions and friendships
  • take responsibility
  • develop feelings of confidence
  • nurture the belief that 'what you do makes a difference'


Continuous Provision and Enhanced Learning

There are opportunities and resources available around the Oak class room for children to engage in additional independent and focused learning opportunities to further develop their fine motor, numeracy, language, communication and social skills and to enhance their learning in all areas of the curriculum.


From Little Acorns

Grow Mighty Oaks