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Spring 2

Spring 2

We will be continuing to learn about animals in our Circle of Life Topic.


We'll also be going to look at a church and identify the features we have learned about in our RE lessons.


We will be looking closely at The Hungry Caterpillar to help us to learn about life cycles, days of the week and adjectives to describe food. The butterflies will need our help to plan their diet and write shopping lists and we will be practising the sequencing skills we were learning in our Reading Workshop last half term.


What an exciting few weeks we have to look forward to.

​​​​​​On our Science Day, we learned new words such as 'float', 'sink' and 'predict'. We tested to see if objects would float and investigated which sticks were the best to use for building nests.

Marble Jar Treat

We managed to fill our Marble Jar! For our treat, we brought in toys from home and played with games for an afternoon. Well done Acorns!