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Spring 1



This half term the children have been learning all about Instructions. They have followed, ordered and have learnt what needs to be included within Instructions so that they are clear and precise! The children have now written up their own Instructions on Planting!



This half term the children have been learning how to find the difference between two numbers, using different strategies such as counting on using a 100 square and a number line. We are also using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 in order to find the difference without the use of resources! We are moving onto money problems, involving change from a given price.



This half term the children have been learning about Plants. We have looked at how plants grow, what they need in order to grow and the functions of a flower. The children have even planted their own cress seeds and watched them grow! This in turn has really helped them to write up their Instructions on planting in Literacy.

The children will also be looking at various artists that draw different types of flowers. We will discuss what we like and dont like and eventually draw/paint a flower of our own inspired by one of our favourite artists.