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Spring 1

Spring 1

In Spring 1 our topic is 'Circle of Life. We started with a role play activity where we played at being vets. We have been putting on bandages and grooming toy animals.


We have looked at some natural art by Andy Goldsworthy and used the same skills to make our own amazing sculptures using materials we have found outside.

We had a fantastic visit from Animals Take Over where we were really brave and got to hold lots of animals that come from the rainforest.


We've been learning about Dear Zoo and Handa's Surprise to stimulate some fabulous artwork and writing.


On Number Day, we played some maths games then used the ideas to design and make our own maths games to take home and play with our families.


It's been a really busy term, but lots of fun and we look forward to continuing this topic until Easter.

Animals Takeover!

Handa's Surprise/Dear Zoo

Our Andy Goldsworthy Art!