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Spring 1

In English we have been learning about fantasy stories.  Our book was called The King of Tiny Things.  Miss Hanson was really mean and wouldn't read us the whole story all in one go!  She kept reading little bits at a time so we made predictions about what we thought might happen!

The King of Tiny Things

Two girls went to stay with the grandparents.  They found an old tent and asked to sleep outside under the stars but something flew into their tent and the adventure began!


We all drew a picture of what we thought might have flown into the tent! 

(These pictures are by Lola, Danni and Wasim.  As you can see, some of us added labels to help describe the character.)

by Lolaby Danniby Wasim


We found out it was The King of Tiny Things and he showed the girls what his job was...he looked after all the creepy crawlies! 


We acted out the story using our class story map to help

The girls couldn't feel his heart beating!"Follow me, follow me, follow me!"


and then we drew story maps and wrote our own versions of the story.  We used the class story map to help us remember the order things happened.  We use story maps, acting and talking a lot in our English lessons because it helps us to remember what we want to write!

The King of Tiny Things Story Map


Eventually, Miss Hanson read us the end of the story and we found out what happened but we had to wait a whole 3 weeks!  We really enjoyed this book smiley


In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division.  We know lots of different words for x and ÷ .  We know that multiplication can be done in any order but division has to start with the largest number.  We have used lots of different ways to find the answers and have now learned how to use arrays to help us with multiplication and division.  For example,

3 x 2 =  means that we need 3 groups of 2 things like this:




but we can just draw dots instead of smiley faces!



Animals Take Over!


We had some exciting visitors!  We were all really brave and either touched or felt the animals...some of us even conquered our phobias! sadnosmiley  We had such a fun time!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5