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Spring 1

Number fun day


All the children look fantastic today and were wearing a whole range of different numbers. They have had lots of fun in class playing number games and making patterns with shape, pegs and boards and colouring symmetrical patterns. 

Number Fun

We have seen some magical creatures in the magic pond in Bluebell Woods. Take a look at our wonderful creations.

Animals Take Over!


We got to meet and hold some amazing animals today that would live in the rainforest jungle.


We met:

"Speedy" A Giant African Land Snail. He is 5 years old and grows to be the size of a football.


"Millie" a Giant African Millipede. She has no teeth and eats moudy and rotten leaves for dinner.


"Sid" and "Cindy" the Madagascan hissing cockroach's . They eat bat pooh for dinner because it tastes sweet! They are very good at climbing bat cave walls. They are very clean animals and if their head comes off, they can live for up to another 3 days!


"Freddo" the white tree frog. He's 5 years old and has lots of rhymes to help us remember facts

"sticky toes to climb wherever he goes, good eyes to look for flies, when the sun goes down he changes from green to brown". Freddo likes to eat crickets for his dinner- crunch crunch!


"Luna" the sugar glider. She's a possum not a rodent. She ate strawberry yoghurt today and we all had a stroke. Luna means moon and she comes out at night.


"Sting" the flat rock scorpion. He has bad eyesight and no ears so he uses hairs along his body to feel vibrations as his senses. He is not a deadly scorpion but we didn't hold him as his pinchers would hurt is he got cross!


"Wilfred" the Royal Python. He likes to eat meal worms and bugs. He is 10 years old. He catches mice, squeezes them in his body and then swallows them whole! He keeps warm all night with a heater so that he has energy to spend all day with lots of children.


We have had a fantastic and exciting morning meeting all of these animals. 




Bog Baby


This week in Year 1 we have had a special visitor. He is called Bog Baby. He lives in the magic pond in Bluebell Woods.


He has been getting up to all sorts of tricks in our class!

Bog Baby