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Sexual Behaviours

Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool


The Brook 'Sexual behaviours Traffic light tool' is a highly acclaimed tool that supports professionals working with children and young people by helping them to identify and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours.


The tool uses a traffic light system to categorise the sexual behaviours of young people and  is designed to help professionals:

  • Make decisions about safeguarding children and young people

  • Assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviour in children and young people

  • Understand healthy sexual development and distinguish it from harmful behaviour


By categorising sexual behaviours as green, amber or red, professionals across different  agencies can work to the same standardised criteria when making decisions and can protect children and young people with a unified approach.


Professionals who work with children and young people have told Brook they often struggle to  identify which sexual behaviours are potentially harmful and which represent healthy sexual development. This is why it is vital that professionals agree on how behaviours should be categorised regardless of culture, faith, beliefs, and their own experiences or values.