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Safeguarding at Barton Clough

Safeguarding at Barton Clough

At Barton Clough it is everyone's responsibility to help keep our children safe.

Please see below for more information, and guidance, on a range of Safeguarding Topics including;

  • Visitors
  • SHARP (Student Help and Reporting Page)
  • What is Safeguarding?
  • Meet our Safeguarding Team
  • Phone Numbers and Useful websites
  • Information for Parents, Children and Professionals
  • Specific Topics including Bullying, Online Safety, PREVENT, CSE, FGM, Sexting, Peer-on-Peer Abuse and Private Fostering
  • The Health and Wellbeing Team

Visiting School


When arriving at Barton Clough, parents and visitors will be asked to sign in using our electronic entry system.


You will be asked for photo identification and if you have a copy of your DBS certificate with you. If you are able to supply school with a DBS certificate you will be given an identity badge with a green lanyard, which means we have seen evidence of your DBS check.  If you are unable to provide a DBS certificate you will be given an identity badge with a red lanyard.  


Staff and children are aware that a visitor wearing a green lanyard is safe to be in school unsupervised, and may work with children, but a visitor wearing a red lanyard must be supervised at all times by a member of staff.  Everyone at school, including children, know to challenge an unsupervised visitor, with a red lanyard.


We would like to thank everyone in the Barton Clough Community for their ongoing support, and patience, with helping to keep our children safe.


All Barton Clough Primary School Staff, including Middays and Long Term Supply Staff, wear 'Staff Lanyards' with a Barton Clough ID Badge on it.

Please see our Visitors Guide for more information on Safeguarding, and Health & Safety, when visiting our school. This will be useful for both parents, and professionals, who may need to visit Barton Clough.

SHARP System


SHARP stands for School Help Advice Reporting Page.  There are many reasons why young people sometimes decide not to talk about incidents, whether that is due to not wanting to talk face to face, lack of confidence, scared, peer pressure or other factors.  The SHARP system allows young people, parents and families to report any incidents that occur within the school and local community anonymously and without fear.  Aside from reporting, the SHARP system also provides sources of information to raise awareness on a wide range of subjects including bullying, health, community and safety.  


The SHARP system promotes inclusion, safeguarding, e-safety and provides additional opportunities for children, young people, parents and their families to report their concerns.


The children have been shown how to find SHARP, on our website, and how to use it, as part of PSHE lessons and a whole school Celebration Assembly in school.  We have also shared the link and information about SHARP, with parents, on our weekly Celebration and Information Newsletter.


If you have any questions about SHARP or a concern you would like to speak about in person, please see your child's class teacher or a member of the Safeguarding Team in school, (their details can be found on the link below).


 All staff are provided with specific information related to Safeguarding at Induction, this includes copies of:

  • Relevant Policies: Safeguarding, Child Protection, e-Safety, Acceptable Use and Social Media, Behaviour Management and Anti-Bullying and Whistleblowing
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education: Part 1 (2016)
  • The role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead


All Staff at Barton Clough Primary school (including Office Staff, Cleaners, Kitchen Staff, TAs, Teachers and the Site Manager) receive Safeguarding and Child Protection training AT LEAST annually.  Training staff have completed this academic year includes:

  • Level 1  and School Specific information including policies - Each Term
  • Level 2 - November 2016 (booked again for September 2017)
  • PREVENT Home Office online learning - December 2016
  • FGM online learning - May 2017
  • PREVENT face-to-face training - May 2017


In addition to this, staff are given the opportunity to attend additional training with TSCB (Trafford Safeguarding Children Board) which includes Level 3 courses on 'Safeguarding Disabled Children', 'Safeguarding children in care', 'Safeguarding from sexual exploitation', Neglect, FGM, Early Help and Domestic Abuse.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and the Safeguarding Lead member of the IEB are trained to Level 4.  The Acting Deputy Headteacher has also attended Level 4 and Designated Lead Training.  Designated staff have completed specific training on Safer Recruitment and Managing Allegations of professional abuse.


ALL staff are provided with regular safeguarding and child protection updates, to ensure they have the relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively.  These updates include:

  • Weekly written staff briefing - with a designated section for Safeguarding
  • Weekly staff meeting and face-to-face briefing, which always include safeguarding on the agenda
  • Termly Trafford Safeguarding Newsletter
  • Safeguarding Board within the Staff Room which is updated with information and resources at least once a term
  • Posters around school on a range of specific topics including signs and symptoms of abuse, what to do if a child makes a disclosure, FGM, CSE, PREVENT, bullying and online safety


A detailed register of Safeguarding training for staff is kept up to date with which courses have been attended, who by, when and what level they were.  Copies of certificates and training registers are kept within a CPD folder, as evidence of training that has been completed.  These also include training attended by members of the IEB. 


Are you worried about Bullying?

You can find more information in our 'Anti-Bullying' Section. This can be found by clicking on the 'Key Information' link on the front page, or using the link below.

Health and Wellbeing Team

You can find more information in our Health and Wellbeing Team Section. This can be found by clicking on the 'School Community' link on the front page, or using the link below.