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Reading Books and Homework

Chatter bag Challenge


In the EYFS Unit homework is sent home via the Chatter Bag Challenge.  We love talking in EYFS and want to encourage the children to chat about all the exciting things they get upto when they are not in school.  The classroom has a speaking and listening area where the children can go and have a chat with their friend or an adult during the day.  Each child in EYFS has their own chatter bag.


Chatter bags are sent home each Friday and need to be returned to school each Monday.  Inside the bag will be a small challenge linked to the current topic.  We would like you to complete the task together.


Reading Books

Reception aged children will receive a reading book.

Reading books are to be brought into school on a Thursday.  The children will share their book with an adult in the Unit and swap it for a new book.


Over the course of the term, we shall be sharing lots of books with your child and have already introduced phonics and some High Frequency Words. The first home reading books that they have brought home are books without a written story. This is for you to share with your child, making up your own stories about the pictures and understanding what the pictures are telling them. We also encourage you to continue to read to your child, fostering a love of books. When they have gained a working knowledge of some phonics so that they can sound words out and a few High Frequency Words, we shall begin to send reading books home that have words and sentences in them. We will record the book that is being sent home in their reading/school diary. Every time you have shared your child’s reading book with them, please sign the appropriate place in the diary.