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Packtypes Self Awareness Cards


During this school year Teachers and Staff at Barton Clough will be introducing Packtypes Self Awareness Cards to the children. These cards are aimed at enabling the children to discover the key features of their characters and personality. 


Packtypes Self Awareness Cards were developed by relationship expert, Will Murray in 2007. Since then they have been used by schools, parents, the NHS, the police, charities and even businesses to develop self-esteem, confidence, openness, aspiration, respect, tolerance, trust and cooperation with both children and adults.




How children benefit from playing Packtypes 


Playing Packtypes helps children think about themselves and how they relate to other children and adults. It helps them become more self-aware in a positive and reflective way and in doing so fosters balanced, positive self-esteem, confidence and motivation as well as making them more tolerant and encouraging greater self-control. 


With younger children it is important to talk to them about the importance of diversity, inclusiveness, sharing and personal responsibility. Anti-bullying messages can be conveyed powerfully.




How Parents and Teachers benefit from playing Packtypes


Packtypes helps teachers and parents understand and relate to individual children better. This allows them to treat each child differently and appropriately. Packtypes can be used in developing classroom and family constitutions, for discussing appropriate behaviour and encouraging effective teamwork. Packtypes can also be used as an informal coaching tool by both parents and teachers to highlight relationship issues and deal with classroom, family and sibling rivalries, disagreements and insecurities. 


For more information about using Packtypes visit: 

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