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Packtype Day - 2015

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Packtype Own Clothes Day - Thursday 22nd October 2015


On Thursday 22nd October 2015 Barton Clough had our very own Packtype Own Clothes Day! On this day children and staff across the school dressed up in many different and crazy ways! These looks represented their strongest Packtype, which is something we have been focusing on during lessons. 



What to wear according to our Packtypes


Hound: Wacky, wild and different

Pointer: Formal, suits, dresses

Coachdog: Onesies, comfortable clothes

Retriever: Uniforms - police, army, nurse etc. 

Sheepdog: One colour, all coordinated

Terrier: Manual working clothes

Guard Dog: Sports kit, power dressing

Mastiff: Pop star, actor, entertainer