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Health and Well-being Team

Welcome to the Health and Well Being Team

"Happy, calm children learn best" Daniel Goleman


Who are we?

  • We are a team of professionals from within and outside school.
  • We work together to support children and families.
  • Our aim is to ensure all children, at Barton Clough, feel safe and happy.
  • We know that when children feel safe and happy they: 
    • are ready to learn
    • begin to express, and manage, their own feelings
    • can make and keep positive relationships with peers
    • are more likely to achieve to the best of their ability
    • will enjoy school


​What do we do?

  • ​We work very closely with parents and children.
  • We have provision in place for all of our children and families, alongside specialist support for those who need it.
  • We respond to changes in children (and their families) lives and how they are feeling.  Some children need quite intensive, ongoing support, whilst others may need a lower level, temporary intervention.
  • We use Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQs) to measure the emotional wellbeing of all our children.  These are completed by all class teachers at the end of every term (December, March and July). Parents may also be asked to complete these, to help us understand how they are feeling at home too.  You can find out more about SDQs here:
  • As a team we meet, at the end of every half term, to review progress for interventions in place and plan next steps.
  • We use the strengths of different professionals and organisations (within and external to school) to find the right support for each child and family.

Meet the Team


Name Role
Joanna Goodfellow


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Designated Teacher for LAC

Emma Davies Deputy Headteacher
Mishelle Heckenberg SENDCo
Jen Bates

Family Support and Wellbeing Advisor

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Dennis Woods Education Welfare Officer
Catherine Collins Child in Mind Play therapist
Noelle Stockwin School Nurse
Sue Neesroo School linked Health Visitor
Yvonne Quiggley Longford Park Outreach Manager
Kris Burridge Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)
Emma Bamlett

Senior Family Support Practitioner

Facilitator of Incredible Years

Yvonne Green Foundations for Change Trained
Kate Scott Foundations for Change Trained

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