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David Watson 


David is an international development economist, living and working initially as a volunteer in Fiji and Botswana, and then as a development consultant in the Indonesia and Ecuador where his wife worked for the British Council. After four years in the Netherlands, David came to Manchester to work for the British Council as Director, Governance 1995-98. He has worked in the development of education systems in Botswana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Pakistan and Indonesia. Now retired, he volunteers for the National Trust as a Ranger and Photographer at Quarry Bank. He is particularly interested in the development of life skills in young children, and looks forward to working with Barton Clough School.



Barton Clough Interim Executive Board


April 2017: Message from Mrs Anne Birch - Interim Director Quality, Standards and Performance


Events have moved at pace over the Easter holidays, and since our return, and I am pleased to inform you that there is now an Interim Executive Board (IEB) for Barton Clough school, to be Chaired by Prof. David Reid, who comes with great experience and understanding of what makes a good school. The IEB met for the first time on Thursday 27th April 2017 and details of Prof. Reid and the other members of the IEB will be available on the schools website soon. Their next meeting date is 18th May. The IEB will fulfil all the functions of a normal governing board to ensure improvement and promote high standards of educational achievement. For Barton Clough this means monitoring the school improvement plan to address the recommendations in the Ofsted inspection report in December 2016. Its other duty is to prepare for governance to be transferred to the appointed sponsor Academy Trust.


Membership of the IEB is as follows:


Professor David Reid (Chair) - Leading on Learning and Teaching.

Mrs Karen Samples - Leading on Academy Conversion and supporting with Learning and Teaching.

Mr Andrew Fahey - Leading on Finance and supporting with Parental Engagement.

Mr Glynn Littler - Leading Parental Engagement and supporting with Safeguarding.

Mr Terry Walsh - Leading on Staffing and Personnel and supporting with Finance.

Mr David Vanstone - Leading on Safeguarding and supporting with Academy Conversion.



Observers invited to attend the IEB meetings are:


Mr Anthony Rae - NLE

Mrs Louise Hossen - Interim Executive Headteacher

Mrs Jo Appleyard - CEO of the Dunham Trust

Mr Simon Beswick - Executive Headteacher of Lime Tree Academy


The Chair of the IEB is: Professor David Reid 

The Designated IEB Member for Safeguarding is: Mr David Vanstone

The Deputy Designated IEB Member for Safeguarding is: Mr Glynn Littler


Please see our 'Meet the team' page for the Safeguarding training attended by IEB members:

We are delighted that the IEB, as a group, have committed to building relationships through weekly visits to the school by individual members of the board.  Dates of the full IEB meetings are as follows:


Thursday 27th April 2pm

Thursday 18th May 1pm

Thursday 29th June 1pm

September 2017

The IEB can be contacted, directly, using the email address below:

Please find below notes from the Parents' Meeting with the IEB on Tuesday 13th June.