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Performing our Zoo poem to music

Asking our visitor questions

Asking our visitor questions 1
Asking our visitor questions 2
Asking our visitor questions 3

We have a visitor arrive in Class 1

We have a visitor arrive in Class 1 1

Can you guess what I am?


Some animals laugh

But I hold my head up high and feel proud

I really don't care

When my head's in the air

And my cheek's getting kissed by a cloud

Guessing which animal the poem was describing.....

Rumble in the Jungle


We are reading the book 'Rumble in the Jungle'.  The children picked the different animals out of the story sack and had to think where these animals lived. They then created their own story setting and animals masks.


We have been looking at rhyming words. The children have listened to different poems and then had to pick the correct animal puppet- they were very good at working this out!

Creating our Jungle setting