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Debate Performances

Year 6 - Team Debates


Since the start of the year we have been working on developing our writing, looking at how we can share our opinion in a respectful and formal way. We have worked on giving evidence for our opinions and in teams we have written team debates. We spent over two weeks organising, planning, writing, editing and then re-writing our debates as a team working on our team work and communication skills as well. 


We then spent some time rehearsing our debates in preparation for our official class debate. We organised our class into an audience style seating arrangement and each team went up to the front to perform their debates together. This was our first ever experience at reading aloud like this, we tried so hard! We then rehearsed our debates again because on Tuesday 8th November our parents will be the audience this time!! 


Check out our pictures and videos below of our debate writing journey. 

Writing Our Individual Debates

Writing Our Individual Debates 1
Writing Our Individual Debates 2
Writing Our Individual Debates 3
Writing Our Individual Debates 4

Team Table Read

Team Table Read 1
Team Table Read 2
Team Table Read 3
Team Table Read 4

Debate Rehearsals

Debate Rehearsals  1
Debate Rehearsals  2
Debate Rehearsals  3
Debate Rehearsals  4

Official Class Performance

Official Class Performance 1
Official Class Performance 2
Official Class Performance 3
Official Class Performance 4