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Creative Friday Music

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Music at Barton Clough


Trafford Music Service uses their Whole School Model to ensure quality music provision for Trafford children. Barton Clough Primary School is in their 3rd year of whole school provision with Trafford Music Service.


The Whole School Model at Barton Clough is where every child in KS1 and KS2 receives access to quality music education. At Barton Clough, we have “creative Fridays” where every child at the school actively participates in music. All of nursery, reception and Year 1 and 2 receive curriculum music lessons with a Trafford Music Service teacher. In addition, all of Year 3 receives Wider Opportunities lessons for the whole year (learning a different instrument each term) and all of Years 4, 5 and 6 receive small group instrumental lessons with Trafford Music Service teachers. 


The children also receive 30mins of choral and vocal development and they participate in either string ensemble or wind band. Every child in KS2 has the opportunity to take a musical instrument home every week and all of Year 2 learns the ukulele in the summer term.


Through this model of delivery, the team of teachers from Trafford Music Service are all involved in every child’s musical learning. The learning in EYFS and KS1 is the foundation that further learning in KS2 can be based upon. A team of 9 teachers are part of  “creative Friday” and we have an established, effective delivery of quality music teaching. We have successful transition from EYFS to KS1, and then KS1 to KS2.


From their first day at school, the children are aware of the expectations of the school and the music service; that we want to help them to be musical. The children know that they will be part of many musical experiences during their time at Barton Clough.


This model of delivery is inclusive-everyone is part of everything that is going on and we have a concert every term. There are no barriers to the musical opportunities at Barton Clough and parents and carers are supportive with concerts and practice.


We think that learning through music is important because it: 


  • Develops cooperation, sharing, compromise, creativity and concentration. 
  • Improves academic skills. 
  • Improves memory. 
  • Develops co-ordination and physical skills. 
  • Requires interaction and communication, which encourages teamwork.
  • Helps us to practice and persevere when we learn something new. 
  • Boosts self-esteem - we love playing in concerts to show what we have been learning. 
  • Introduces us to other cultures and the world beyond the one we know. 


... music ignites all areas of child development. It helps the body and the mind work together whilst having great fun. 


To keep up to date with Trafford Music Service follow their blog here: 

Fantastic Singing Lesson!

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Here are some Year 6 children taking part in their weekly singing lesson that happens during Creative Friday.

Wind Ensemble!

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In this video Barton Clough's Wind Ensemble are working on their skills so that every musician stops playing their instruments at the same time. We finally did it after a lot of practice! :)

The Mayor of Trafford watching our termly Music Concerts!

The Mayor of Trafford watching our termly Music Concerts!  1
The Mayor of Trafford watching our termly Music Concerts!  2