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Behaviour Zone Board

Behaviour Zone Board and Marble Treat

Zone Board

  • Children start each day on GreenExpected Behaviour
  • When children display even better social, emotional and learning behaviours, they move up the Zone Board to Very Good / Exceptional.
  • Sometimes children have a wobble. That's OK, our Zone Board supports children to think about their behaviour and self-regulate. When children forget to show expected behaviours, they move down to Yellow to remind them to "Stop-Think-Do".
  • When children forget to listen to their reminders or continue to display inappropriate behaviour, they move down to Orange. When children move to Orange, they need to have some time-out to reflect on their behaviour and think what they need to do to improve their behaviour.
  • Red is for unacceptable behaviour, such as hurting others, damaging property or refusing to follow instructions. Red = a visit to the Head.
  • When children regulate their behaviour they move back up to Green.





My behaviour is




My behaviour is …

Very Good



My behaviour is …




My behaviour is …

Needs Improving



My behaviour is …




My behaviour is …





Whole Class Rewards

  • All children on purple at the end of the day = 3 Marbles
  • Majority of children on purple and remainder on blue at the end of the day = 2 Marbles
  • For displaying exceptional behaviour during class or whole school occasions and events = 1 Marble
  • 30 Marbles is our class Marble Treat Target. Class Marble Treats may include a film, toy day, pyjama party, etc...



Star of the Week

  • Each week we will choose one child for our class Star of the Week Certificate.
  • Parents/Grandparents/Carers will be invited to our Star of the Week Celebration Assembly the following Friday at 9:05am in the school hall.



Individual Rewards

  • Each time children reach the Purple Zone on the Zone Board they receive a sticker to place on their sticker chart.
  • When children reach 20 stickers, they visit Mrs Goodfellow for a gift.
  • A celebration certificate is also presented in Assembly.