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Autumn 2 Term Topic- Great Fire of London

Autumn 2 Topic- Great Fire of London


Oak Room have been learning about events from the past.


This term we, are learning about...


The Great Fire of London 1666.


  • We will listen to stories about the Great Fire of London and read non-fiction books
  • We will sequence past events in chronological order and test our memory to recall and re-tell events.
  • We will explore UK and World maps and locate London and Manchester City.
  • We will learn about the differences between people's lives in 1666 and now.
  • We will look at Houses and Buildings from the past and present.
  • We will explore how the Fire and Rescue Service has changed over time.
  • We will learn about fire safety and the role of Fire Fighters.
  • We will think about and discuss what precious belongings we would save if we had to evacuate our home and we will extending our sentences to explain why we would choose those things.
  • We will make our very own Tudor House Models, create a modern day London City Silhouette picture and make our own Sundials to tell the time .
Picture 1
Our Tudor House - Role Play Area
Picture 1
Picture 2