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Autumn 2

Father Christmas


This morning Father Christmas came into school to visit all the good boys and girls. All the children in Year One have been good this year so they were on the good list. They met Father Christmas and received a present.

Science investigation

Which material will be best for a boat?


Today we have made our boats using materials that we think would be the best for a boat to float. We also want our boats to be waterproof. We could choose from plastic, clay, wood or paper.


We left the boats over time to see which changes took place. The clay boat sank. The plastic, paper and wooden boat floated.


Over time the paper boat got very wet. The wooden boat and plastic boat were great materials for a boat.

Boat investigation



The children have been creating their own  story map to retell Zog. They will bring their story maps home at the end of the week. We hope you enjoy listening to them retell their story as much as we have!

Marble News


We have 24 marbles in our jar....we are well on our way for another treat! Well done to everyone in Year 1

In maths we are looking at recording and measuring length, capacity and mass. Have a look at children investigating using measure this week

Does this weight more than 1kg? 'Prove it'

Measuring height

Does the tallest person have the biggest feet?

In English we have been writing questions to ask Guy Fawkes. We have then written a recount for the 'Gunpowder Plot'

Acting out the Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes questionning

Our Friday Marble Jar Treat


We chose to watch Trolls. We wore our PJ's, ate some delicious snacks and sat on the bean bags and cushions. We can't wait to fill our marble jar again!

Football tournament at Manchester United


Eight children were chosen to attend a football tournament at Manchester United. The boys had a great time. They played games as a school team and then in the afternoon they played in teams with other schools. They wore international football kits.



Manchester United football coaches have been coming into school this half term to teach the children some football skills.


The children are really enjoying these sessions and showing improvement in teamwork and skills.

Street Dance


The children are doing street dance again this half term with Becky. They a re performing wonderfully and really enjoying this lesson. Well done children

Fire Fire!


On Friday we had our 'stunning start' for our Topic. The fire engine came into school. The children got to use the hose and sit inside the fire engine. It was great fun!

We also made bonfire snacks- chocolate covered apples with sprinkles- they tasted delicious!

The children really enjoyed making their chocolate apples.

Chocolate apples with yummy sprinkles

Marble news....


We have now filled our class marble jar and we will be having our treat next Friday! The children have decided to have a PJ party with snacks, beanbags and cushions whilst watching a film in class. 


Please can all children  bring in some snacks to enjoy during the film.


Marble news......


We now have 28 marbles- we have nearly filled our marble jar with only two more to go.... amazing behaviour Year 1- keep up the hard work

Odd and Even Street

Odd and Even Street 1

We are learning about odd and even numbers in Class 1. We have written our house number and created Odd and Even Street.

Happy Halloween


We have dressed up for Halloween to raise money for our school.

"Trick or treat everyone"

Picture 1

Shape Hunt


In maths this week we are looking at 2D and 3D shape properties. We have started our week with a 2D shape hunt. We saw lots of different shapes that we could name. We also talked about corners and vertices.

Fire Fire!


Our topic this half term is 'Fire Fire'.

In English we are focusing on the non fiction book 'Gunpowder Plot' and the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson.

In History we will be learning about events and people from the past. We are going to learn about 'The Gunpowder Plot' and 'The Great Fire of London'.

In Geography we will be learning which 4 countries make up the United Kingdom and place London on  a map.

In music we are going to identify tempo and timbre. We are going to be using our voices expressively and learning christmas songs in preparation for the KS1 performance. 

In computing we are going to use shapes on the laptops to design and make our own Christmas pictures.