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Autumn 2



In History we have acknowledged the past and present by looking at toys and parties in 1930, 1960 and 1990 to discuss how they have changed and discussed how other peoples lives are different from our own. Children have worked well with their enquiries by asking lots of question and sorting objects and pictures.


Children have talked about how they have changed since being a baby to how they are now, thinking about differences in their own lives.


We have created our display 'Year One under the Spotlight' as children have been developing their drawing skills by creating their own self portrait. They have worked really hard on their observational skills for this, focusing in detail and observing themselves using mirrors. Children have then selected their own media from either pencils or pastels to experiment with making tones and shading.

Christmas party

Today we had our Christmas party and we had lots of fun and ate lots of yummy food!


We listened party music and played party games to win lots of prizes. Thank you to everyone for their £1 donations.

Merry Christmas!!


The children were amazing this morning retelling the Christmas story. They enjoyed performing the play for you and hope that you all enjoyed it too!


"Ssshhh don't wake the baby!"

Under the Spotlight

Under the Spotlight 1

Jack and the Beanstalk- 7/12/16


The children thoroughly enjoyed watching Jack and the Beanstalk in school on Wednesday. They joined in with lots of songs and acting out the story. There was lots of laughter to be heard from the children and lots of smiley faces!

Class 1 have been decorating their christmas tree

Class 1 have been decorating their christmas tree 1

Children in Need


Well done to everyone in Class 1 for taking part in our 'Wacky Hair' theme for Children in Need. Miss Scott and I have even revived the 80's with our crimped hair! Thank you for your £1 donations brought into school. You can also make any donations on the school web page.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our trip to the Sealife centre


Today we went on a school trip to the Sealife centre. We saw lots of different sea creatures and found out lots of interesting facts.


Octopus have 3 hearts (Maddison)

Octopus have 9 brains (Hamza)

Octopus have no bones (Harrison)

Octopus have 8 tenticles (Ethan)

An octopus can copy humans and solve puzzles! (Abiha)

Octopus have blue blood (Lola)

The daddy seahorse gives birth to the babies (Zion)

Sharks have big tails (Lewis)


We have had a fantastic time!



The 3 Little Pigs

Talk for writing


Children have listened to lots of different traditional tales this week in Class One. We have worked hard to create character profiles for good and bad characters. Next week children will be creating their own version of The Three Little Pigs.

Remembrance Sunday


We have learnt about why we celebrate Remembrance Sunday and made poppies out of clay.


On Friday we went outside for a two minute silence and we placed our poppies on the grass.