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Are all Houses the same?

What a fantastic start to our year together.  The children have settled into their new routines and classroom fantastically.  They have been really busy exploring the provision and making new friends.  We have begun baselining the children and gradually introducing our Big Question:  Are all houses the same?

Paper bag houses


The children have really enjoyed thinking about the different types of houses they live in.  Particular favourites have been "semi-detached" and bungalow.  We began our topic with a WOW start making paper bag houses and everyone wanted to make a semi detached!



Shape Pictures

We have been doing lots of work with 2d shapes. We have made shape pictures, sorted shapes, made lolly stick shapes, play dough shapes, looked at shapes in our environment and talked about the properties of shapes.  We are much more confident naming and describing common 2d shapes.

Making Shape Pictures

Who lives in a castle?


We have enjoyed looking at castle and labeling the different parts of castles.  We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and enjoyed using our giants voices.  We made our own giant "Book of the Giants"


We worked in teams to make castles using lots of different resources and we even had the fantastic idea to build a castle over the water tray so it would have a moat.  We made beanstalks in the finger gym and using multi link but then had to problem solve how to stop them falling over.

Who lives in a castle (Jack and the Beanstalk)