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Useful Information


Here is some useful information about what happens in our classroom. 



Mrs Mitchell is our class teacher

Mrs Oliver is our Full Time SEN teaching assistant

Miss Mason is our Part Time teaching assistant 


 Mrs Moran has a speech therapy session with every child usually on a Thursday. This can be an indivdual session or a small group session. She is very happy to help you learn how to play some speech therapy games with your child. These games help with all aspects of speech and language development.


We cover most of our curriculum through our inside and outdoor learning areas, where the children work 1:1 or in small groups with an adult.  We use our outside space to find opportunities for physical development, although later in the year we will have some more formal PE lessons.



Autumn 1


In maths lessons we have been learning about counting, recognising coins, pictograms, comparing size and adding 1 more.


In English lessons we have been using our phonics to label pictures, retelling stories and predicting what comes next.  We also concentrated on asking questions and learning some simple nursery rhymes.


In Autumn 1 our topic was 'Toys'.  We learned about how toys have changed over time, how to care for toys and how to design, make and evaluate toys.  We also learned about using levers to make toys move.  We finished our topic with a 'Toys Tea Party' and a Toy Story video.













Autumn 2


In maths lessons we are learning about 2d and 3d shapes, positional language, counting in different steps, ordinal numbers, time and finding 1 less than a number.


In English lessons we are learning about sequencing events and writing short, simple stories and instructions.  We have also been writing firework poems using our senses to write the descriptions.


In Autumn 2 our topic is 'Fire Fire'.  We started with a role play activity where we earned our Fire Fighters certificate.  We have also learned about mixing colours to create fire, Guy Fawkes and sequencing events, London and where it is in the UK and the story of The Fire of London'.  We will be learning about materials and how the building materials for houses affected the spread of fire in Tudor London.  We will finish our topic with a Fabulous Finisher of baking in our very own Pudding Lane bakery.