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1AH - Lower SSC

Useful Information


Here is some useful information about what happens in our classroom. 



Miss Heckenberg is our class teacher

Mrs Oliver is our Full time SEN teaching assistant

Mrs Walker is our Full time teaching assistant 


PE lessons are every Monday morning. Correct and full PE kits will be needed in school so your child can take part in lessons. 



 Mrs Moran has a speech therapy session with every child on a Wednesday. This can be an indivdiual session or a small group session. She is very happy to help you learn how to play some speech therapy games with your child. These games help with all aspects of speech and language development.


On Thursday mornings, we all go to the school library. The children will be able to choose a book of their choice and then take the book to take home for a week. The book must be brought back the following Thursday so we can exchange it for another book for your child to take home.




On Friday mornings, a teacher from Trafford Music Service comes into class and leads a fantastic music session.


We are also very lucky to have frequent visits to the Delamere Toy House. The dates for these visits are below:


Monday 10th July 2017

Monday 17th July 2017


Class Rewards


It's good to be green



We use a 'Good to be Green!' behaviour chart to reinforce positive behaviour at school. Every child starts each day on a positive note, with an 'It's good to be Green' card on the chart. This is used to promote positive behaviours and help children to associate 'being green' with doing the right thing.



Green - Great behaviour, you are making good choices and following our school rules.



Yellow - Warning! Your behaviour is not appropriate, you need to fix it.



Red - You have not fixed your behaviour. There will now be a consequence.


Depending on the behaviour, a consequence can be that children miss some of their playtime or, in some cases, that they spend some time working in a different classroom.


Class Dojos



We use Class Dojo as a reward system to promote and reward positive behaviour at school. It is an online system where children earn points for making good choices, showing positive behaviour and working hard. It is very visual and children can see instant reward.




Our topic this term is 'Australia'. See our Summer 2 newsletter for further topic information.



We have been looking at maps of the world and Australia.







Aboriginal animal art

Aboriginal animal art 1
Aboriginal animal art 2
Aboriginal animal art 3
Aboriginal animal art 4
Aboriginal animal art 5
Aboriginal animal art 6
Aboriginal animal art 7
Aboriginal animal art 8

Great Barrier reef artwork


As part of our Australia topic we have been looking at how we travel around the world. 

We have set up a lovely Airport in our role play area where the children have really enjoyed exploring how we travel to other countries around the world.




Sports Day

Sports Day 1
Sports Day 2
Sports Day 3
Sports Day 4
Sports Day 5
Sports Day 6
Sports Day 7
Sports Day 8
Sports Day 9
Sports Day 10


Fire Service visit

Fire Service visit 1
Fire Service visit 2
Fire Service visit 3
Fire Service visit 4
Fire Service visit 5
Fire Service visit 6
Fire Service visit 7
Fire Service visit 8